Victoria Handyman

Victoria BC’s Best Handyman Service. Call Derek at 250-475-6241.

Finding a reliable handyman in Victoria these days is nearly impossible!

All of the good tradespeople are working and working lots! If you can find a tradesperson who will take your small job it will cost you a fortune and you will have to wait and work around their schedule!

That’s Just Crazy!

Why not call me! My name is Derek Gale and I own SGO Victoria, Victoria’s best stained glass design shop.

I design and install world class stained glass windows, shelves, bookcases and many more quality concerned projects. In my 20 plus years in the trade I have learned as much as most on how to fix stuff that is broken or needs replacing around the house. My profession demands it.

I am usually busy with SGO but I do have some time to take on home repair projects that you may need done. In fact, I will do them all at a fraction of the cost that you would pay a journeyman or contractor for the same job! Why would you do that when you can call me at 250-475-6241 or email me at and save!

Guaranteed Price. Guaranteed Outcome. Guaranteed Happy!

I don’t take on all jobs but prefer to do work where I can really do the best possible work for you. I have a van and a full shop and can help you with windows, replacing outside and inside doors, cabinets replaced, floors repaired and replaced, custom cabinets repaired, hot water tank replaced, minor plumbing, fixtures replaced and more. If you want to speak with me about a project simply call 250-475-6241 or email me at

I will gladly quote an all inclusive price for the whole job or work under contract. Whichever makes the most sense for you!

I guarantee my work and your satisfaction. I am that picky, just like you!

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